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Grandma's Banana Bread

To kick off the Whiskey-mania that is the Miami Whiskey Mash 2016, we will showcase the best whiskey cocktails in Miami by the incredible bartenders that make and serve them.

This first whiskey-centric tipple is served at The Local Craft Food & Drink in Coral Gables (150 Giralda Avenue). Presented by David Perez and Will Thompson of The Bridge, their well-chronicled exploits can be read HERE and HERE. This dynamic duo has taken over this local hangout in the Gables with a drink program that is reminiscent of their combined bartending experiences in Miami, South Beach and Chicago. The Grandmas Banana Bread is a beautiful and heavily aromatic stirred cocktail, served up. It does induce one to reminisce about a visit to Grandma’s house, if your Grandma was a serious bartender with a penchant for spirit-forward cocktails.

What influenced this cocktail? "A winter play on a Sazerac. The interplay of different banana liqueurs, walnut bitters and cinnamon-infused absinthe lend itself to recreating flavors that are familiar and comforting to most people. The use of High West American Prairie Bourbon, a blend of bourbons at 92 proof, pairs well with the flavor profile and focus of the cocktail, says David Perez. It comes complete with Werther's Original just like you would find in Garndma's candy dish. Go try this at The Local, the food is pretty good too.

Grandmas Banana Bread

High West American Prairie Reserve Bourbon


Black Walnut

Cinnamon-Infused Absinthe

Werther’s Original Garnish

*The Miami Whiskey Mash™ 2016 starts March 1st and runs through March 6th.

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