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18th Hole-fashioned

To continue the Whiskey-mania that is the Miami Whiskey Mash 2016, we will showcase the best whiskey cocktails in Miami and the incredible bars and bartenders that make and serve them.

This week we visit the brand new Coral Gables eatery and bar Trust & Co. (2 Aragon Ave,) Read about the launch of this great spot HERE from the Miami New Times.

Trust & Co.'s creator, Jerry Flynn co-founder of local establishment Batch Gastropub, focuses the same care on the excellent food offerings to his Craft Cocktail menu. The menu is vast and varied with plenty of whiskey options served neat or in cocktails.

The featured cocktail is reminiscent of a great cocktail that you would have at the 19th hole after a great (or not-so-great) round of golf in days of old. The featured whiskey is Tin Cup, made in Colorado, is a Bourbon-style whiskey with high rye content in its mashbill. Its spice and pepper notes work wonderfully in this cocktail.

Go drop in next time you are in the Gables and go for the green! Cheers!

18th Hole-fashioned

Tin Cup Whiskey

Luxardo Cherry Liqueur

Orange Curacao

Angostura Bitters

Stirred. Serve over an ice ball.

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