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2% Butterscotch Ripple

To continue the Whiskey-mania that is the Miami Whiskey Mash 2016, we will showcase the best whiskey cocktails in Miami and the incredible bars and bartenders that make and serve them.

This week we visit Repour in the Albion Hotel(1650 James Ave, Miami Beach) for a chat with Isaac Grillo, cocktail master and bar owner. Read about his launch of this great spot a year ago HERE as we approach the one year anniversary of this great South Beach hangout.

Even though Isaac Grillo, is the Head Mixologist for Afrohead Rum, he also has a warm spot in his heart for whiskies. The ever eveloving menu at Repour focuses around fresh ingredients and housemade items, there is also a seasonal touch the underlies their beautiful cocktail creations.

"When thinking up this cocktail, I thought of the Werther's Original candies that would be around Grandma's house. I wanted something clean, spirit-forward, and simple. I liked using Haig Club scotch because of its a great belnded Scotch. There are natural soft caramel and spice notes that come through in the cocktail. The walniut bitters rounds out the flavors and gives it a Christmas-nuanced profile." said Isaac Grillo.

Go visit Repour and one or two...dozen cocktails! Cheers!

2% Butterscotch Ripple

Haig Club Scotch

Butterscotch Syrup

Black Walnut Bitters

Stirred. Serve over large block ice cube.


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