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Finka's Cuban Old Fashioned

To continue the Whiskey-mania that is the Miami Whiskey Mash, we humbly present some of the best whiskey cocktails in Miami by the incredible bars and bartenders that make and serve them.

This week we visit one of our favorite hangouts, Finka Table & Tap Restaurant (14690 SW 26th St.) in West-Miami Dade for a visit with Eileen Andrade, Owner and Alex Aportela, Head Bar Manager. The restaurant and bar that has brought craft cocktails and gastropub concept to the Western borders of Miami is the brainchild of Eileen and Jon Andrade. Read about them HERE. We are fortunate to present the Cuban Old Fashioned, their riff on the classic that has become a calling card for Finka.

Eileen and Jon's Grandfather was a bourbon drinker (unusual for a Cuban) and their grandmother made cafecitos all day at their first Miami restaurant. It was natural to marry the two for Finka.

The cocktail features Old Forester 86 proof bourbon. "Old Forester is a great gateway to bourbon for the uninitiated as it stands up well to all the flavors competing for attention in this cocktail. The Bustelo (Cuban Espresso) Coffee reduction plays well to the Hispanic adoration of coffee. This cocktail is savory and sweet like a good cafecito should be” said Alex Aportela.

"We had a mission to bring non-Scotch whiskies to our demographic and I think this cocktail introduces the amazing flavors of American Bourbon to our clientele. Thanks to Bar Lab and Eddie Fuentes we developed a flavor profile that our audience has embraced” said Eileen Andrade. Come drink one and get your bourbon and coffee fix in one shot.

Finka Cuban Old Fashioned

Old Forester Bourbon 86 Proof

Bustelo Coffee Reduction Syrup

Angostura and Orange Angostura Bitters

Orange Peel

Served over a beautiful iceball

* In full disclosure Eileen is a bourbon fanatic.

The Miami Whiskey Mash 2016 starts March 1st and runs through March 6th


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